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In National Apprenticeship Week, Central looks at the support offered by 'Your Webinar Teacher'

Anna Ellam

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2018 is the Year of Engineering. Rightly so as it seeks to celebrate, consolidate and broaden the reach of one of the most productive sectors of the UK economy.

Clear and effective communication are vital for the successful growth and development of any business. In the Engineering sector, this becomes even more apparent with the drive for high quality engineers able to operate with precision and accuracy coming to the fore.

Today’s Engineering apprentices have a key role to play so it’s crucial that their communication skills are of the highest order.

The government has recognised this too, recently, and you’ll be aware that all apprentices, including those working in Engineering, will be required to have a GCSE pass in English and Maths.

Central Group are delighted to be able to recommend the work of Your Webinar Teacher in helping Engineering companies to meet the needs of their apprentices.

Your Webinar Teacher is a new service designed to meet the needs of both Engineering employers and students by offering online courses in GCSE English. These courses can be tailored to meet the specific needs of both employers and their apprentices who might, for example, prefer a blend of face to face and online work.

Gordon Sutton from Your Webinar Teacher explains more:

"Your Webinar Teacher offers a cost effective solution to meeting the needs of your students as they study for their GCSE English qualification. It’s online tuition delivered by experienced, specialist teachers in real time and is a great way for students to prepare for their GCSE English examinations. Week by week,Your Webinar Teacher will guide the students through their GCSE English course.

"Your Webinar Teacher is great value, too. Students will be able to access live and interactive webinars on a weekly basis. Webinars will include lively and carefully designed presentations and take advantage of a range of interactive tools that enable live questions. Documents and training videos can be uploaded and accessed too.

"The basic programme comprises 4 x 1 hour webinars per month and are usually accessed on a subscription basis. Your Webinar Teacher also records all webinars and for as long as you subscribe, students will receive a unique user name and password that allows them to access these so they can watch them as many times as they want to help with their revision.

"Your Webinar Teacher also recognises that all students and companies offering apprenticeships have different requirements so our courses can be fully tailored to meet your needs and can include a blend of face to face work with students as well as online support and delivery.

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