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Energy Savings Help Nutricia Meet Wider Environmental Targets

Anna Ellam


Central has worked with the advanced medical and early life nutrition company, Nutricia to effectively optimise its incoming voltage use and achieve a reduction of 110.97 tonnes of CO2 usage per year.

The project has been completed with Central’s specialist partner, Powerstar, global leaders in the field of voltage optimisation and experts in the delivery of energy saving solutions to UK industry.

The team from Central carried out an extensive site appraisal, power load analysis and voltage evaluation at Nutricia, which identified a maximum site voltage use of 243V.  A proposal to install a Powerstar voltage optimisation system was put forward, which would reduce the average power use to 225V, thereby significantly reducing the amount of energy consumed on site.

Having been installed for a period of three months, Nutricia is now working towards a 5.9% reduction target per year, not only helping to reduce its own carbon emissions and environmental footprint but also contributing to parent company, Danone’s wider net carbon reduction targets. 

nutricia smaller.JPG

Ken Jackson, Maintenance Manager at Nutricia commented: “We have worked with Central Group for several years now and have always been happy with their work so were keen to hear more about their new partnership with Powerstar.  Everyone was so passionate about the product and its benefits for the environment.  It was an easy decision to make as it is in line with everything ourselves and our parent company are aiming to achieve on the sustainability side of the business.”    

Voltage optimisation is a great form of green technology as the results can be achieved so quickly.  Investment into this piece of equipment will provide Nutricia with long term benefits both environmentally as well as financially, with a payback achieved in just 18 months.

The Powerstar Voltage Optimisation System, which has now been in place for a period of three months reduces the amount of volts coming into the site, sending the remaining energy back into the system.  By precisely managing the unique characteristics and incoming voltage needs of each client's site, we can optimise the amount of electricity used, which is exactly what has been achieved at Nutricia.

In addition to voltage optimisation, Central’s Energy Division can also delivery solutions for lighting systems, biomass boilers and vertical axis wind turbines.