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Taking Small Steps to Make Big Improvements

Anna Ellam

In 2014 we introduced our new mission statement and associated core values of Service, Quality, Wellbeing and Safety.  Our mission statement is a message to our customers, suppliers and the community, outlining the purpose of our business and the reasons we do what we do, helping to guide our business strategy and objectives.  Running alongside this message are our core values, which outline our commitment to our people and help to guide the way we work on a day to day basis. 

Over a period of five months we have been working on ways to develop our core values and during this time they have evolved! We wanted to create a new programme that would demonstrate measurable results in direct relation to our values. After lots of consideration and careful planning - and a little bit of head scratching to come up with a snappy title - we launched SQWAShe.

S            service

Q           quality

W          wellbeing

A            accounts

S            safety

h            health

e            environment

SQWAShe covers our four core values with the addition of Accounts, Health and Environment.  It is a working programme which enables us to focus on specific areas of the business, identifying problems, working out ways to solve them and as such improve our working practices.

The new programme allows us to identify one issue in each of the seven areas; something which requires work and improvement and we continue to focus on the topic until we have cracked it.

Every morning our heads of departments meet at 9.30am and sit down to discuss how things have progressed and we work towards achieving measurable improvements within two weeks. 

Improvements can be as simple as a small logistical change regarding incoming products, but can have a massive impact on production and the working area for staff’.

We have been working on SQWAShe since August 2016 during which time we have identified issues within the business and provided solutions as to how to make things work better. With the SQWAShe way we believe that by taking small steps we can make big improvements.