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Central Group Announces New Energy Partnership With Powerstar

Anna Ellam

Central Group has announced a new business partnership with market leading voltage optimisation brand, Powerstar.  The new partnership has been launched as part of the company’s dedicated Energy division. 

Central Energy was established in June 2016, designed to help clients save money by making long term and substantial energy savings.  The partnership with Powerstar, who are global market leaders in their field, will help Central deliver award winning solutions to the UK industry.

Powerstar’s products are fully designed and manufactured in the UK and its patented range of solutions can provide significant financial and energy consumption savings for businesses.  The voltage optimisation systems provided through the approved partnership can make savings on both LEDs and Variable Speed Drives, unlike many competitors, offering increased saving potential for clients.

The solutions provided by Powerstar are able to precisely manage the unique characteristics and incoming voltage needs required by client’s equipment to control the amount of electricity used and ultimately paid for.  But the benefits to clients are more than just cost savings.  They will also benefit from a stable and reliable power source, reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Central Energy also provides expertise in specialties including biomass boilers, high efficiency lighting, wind turbines and battery storage systems, the latter of which can provide businesses with significant savings whilst also taking them off the grid at peak times, helping to address the ever increasing concern over the country’s energy capacity.

Central works with clients in industries such as water, metals, chemical, food & beverage and hydrocarbon processing but Central Energy can target organisations within any sector, from retail and leisure to schools and councils.

For more information about the Powerstar brand visit