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Central Launches New Energy Division

Anna Ellam

Central Group has launched a brand new business division, Central Energy, designed to help clients save money by making long term and substantial energy savings.

The new energy division will help clients identify areas for energy saving and through its existing projects and engineering divisions Central can provide a full turnkey solution to help make these recommendations become a reality.

As part of the new service, Central Energy’s consultants will carry out a comprehensive and extensive plant audit, looking into all processes and systems, identifying where energy is generated, how it is used and, importantly, where financial savings can be made.

Central Energy provides expertise in a wide range of specialties including biomass boilers, high efficiency lighting, wind turbines and voltage optimisation and battery storage systems, the latter of which can provide businesses with significant savings whilst also taking them off the grid at peak times, helping to address the ever increasing concern over the country’s energy capacity.

The ever increasing cost of power is a challenge for any business and is something that is completely out of our control.  With UK industry paying one of the highest costs for energy use in the world there has never been a better time to consider an energy audit, helping to pinpoint potential cost savings, which is where Central’s new division can help.

Traditionally Central’s work is with clients in industries such as water, metals, chemical, food & beverage and hydrocarbon processing but Central Energy can target organisations within any sector, from retail and leisure to schools and councils, the potential is huge and Central is looking forward to working with and helping new clients.