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It's all about control...

Anna Ellam

It is estimated that about a third of the world’s energy consumption via electric motors is through fixed applications; applications that operate at fixed speeds whatever their size, shape or end purpose.

But the opportunity to make energy efficiencies is immense thanks to Variable Speed Drives (VSD).  Fitting a variable speed motor to many types of applications means we can immediately reduce consumption.  Being able to control the motor speed and torque means that we can not only save energy, but in turn we can also save costs by reducing energy bills.

At Central we’re big believers in the power of VSDs and have been working with ABB, one of the world’s leading manufacturers for over 20 years. We are now part of the ABB-wide partner program called the ABB Value Provider Program and as an authorized member are referred to as an ABB authorized value provider.  As an authorized value provider we provide sales, support, service and engineering in close cooperation with ABB, delivering their products and services straight to our customers’ front door

We’ve been trying to work out how many we’ve both fitted and retrofitted since we started working with ABB. The answer was ‘lots’...too many to count.  We also tried to work out how much energy we’ve helped save, but again figures were just too big.  They seemed like great questions, especially for a blog about VSDs but ones which proved very difficult to put actual figures to. 

However, we don’t actually need to assign figures to support our belief in the benefits of VSDs.  We know how well they work as has been proved on projects with clients such as Liverpool Council and Kimberley Clark both of whom have benefitted from energy savings and reduced energy bills.

Not all variable speed drive applications offer the opportunity to reduce energy consumption but commonly even these types of fixed speed applications can benefit from the reduced mechanical wear associated with controlled stopping and starting of rotating equipment, again proving their worth.

To find out more about VSDs and our work with ABB visit our drive service or sales sections, or call us on 0151 546 6000