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After six months of planning and preparation, Knowsley based Central Group has launched its new Central Certified Standard; a specialist accreditation designed to provide customers with ATEX equipment with an extra level of satisfaction and peace of mind.

ATEX equipment is suitable for use in hazardous environments and widely used amongst the hydrocarbon, chemical and petrochemical industry, as well as the wastewater industry and Central Group has been an authorised repairer for over many years.  All its engineers are fully trained by the AEMT (Association of Electrical and Mechanical Traders) and Central is accredited by global organisation ABB as well as EASA, but the new Central Certified Standard aims to take customer satisfaction to the next level.

One of the Central’s targets for 2015 was to become a ‘Centre of Excellence’ for the repair of ATEX equipment, to develop existing ways of working which not only complies with legislation, but exceeds expectations and offers customers complete peace of mind when it comes to the re-installation of refurbished kit.

To achieve this aim Central has developed its own set of documentation, tailored around existing ATEX rating and certification, but expanded on with additional levels of information.

This information forms part of the new Central Certified Standard, which feeds into an eight-page certification document which is provided to customers when equipment is returned after repair. This document clearly sets out the following:

  • Central’s and its customers obligations regarding ATEX Equipment
  • Nameplate details and OEM certification details
  • Details of the condition of the machine parts before and after refurbishment
  • Volume calculations in order to establish the maximum permissible tolerances
  • Details of the standards to which the equipment has been inspected and repaired under
  • Details of the radial air caps calculated
  • Final test details

Customers can slot the Central Certified Standard documentation into their log book for any future reference and assistance with their ATEX equipment.

Says Shaun Sutton, Director and Co-owner of Central Group: “As far as we are aware, there is nothing like this being offered as standard by any other repair facility in the UK.  Initial feedback has been extremely positive and now we’ve officially launched our new Central Certified Standard we hope more of our customers will benefit from the initiative.”