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Kitling Road
Prescot, England, L34 9HQ
United Kingdom

0151 546 6000

Lifting Equipment

We have a wide range of specialist lifting equipment both in our workshop and on our vehicles, allowing us to carefully handle equipment to and from site.

Our Kitling Road workshop is equipped with two long travel overhead cranes with a lifting capacity of 20 Tons and all our lifting equipment (Slings, shackles, eyebolts and lifting frames etc) are individually marked and periodically inspected by a third party in line with L.O.L.E.R. Regulations 1998.

On each examination we are provided with a spreadsheet detailing the items inspected and covered by the certificate.

These items are colour coded and our engineers are aware that they are only able to use equipment identified with the appropriate colour marking.

Any defective or non-labelled equipment is placed into a quarantine bin and not used until it is examined by the third-party inspector, PDQ.  If, upon inspection by PDQ, the item is deemed to be defective, it is disposed of in an appropriate manner.

Lifting Equipment, Check and Maintenance is carried out in accordance with our SHEP09 procedure.

Our vehicles are also equipped with lifting facilities and subjected to the same checks and montitors:

  • 18.5 Ton Flat Back Truck                         4 Ton HIAB x 24ft reach
  • 7.5 Ton Flat Back Truck                           2 Ton HIAB
  • 2 off 1 Ton Flat Back Trucks                   1.1 Ton HIAB on each

We also have four FLTs, one of which has a 7.5 Ton lifting capacity.

Overhead cranes, FLTs and vehicle HIABs are tested and inspected in line with L.O.L.E.R. Regulations.