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Kitling Road
Prescot, England, L34 9HQ
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0151 546 6000

Laser Alignment

Our Site Services department is able to offer Laser Alignment for any rotating shaft alignment requirements.

We have a full suite of Mobile Pruftechnik Fixturelase Equipment available for use as part of our site services department. Laser Alignment is a critical part of the installation of any piece of rotating equipment, but why?

  • The environment. If machines are correctly aligned not only do they use less energy. They also use less parts, which also has an energy saving when it comes to production and shipping.
  • The machine lifespan. Machines which are correctly aligned are proven to have an extended lifespan over once which aren't.
  • Reduced downtime. This is possibly one of the biggest advantages. It's estimated that almost half of breakdowns in production are down to inaccurate or no alignment.

For more information on Laser Alignment, or to discuss how we can help on site, please contact us, details below.

For more information about other Site Services we're able to offer, please click here.