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Kitling Road
Prescot, England, L34 9HQ
United Kingdom

0151 546 6000

Hazardous Area Machines (ATEX)

At Central Group we pride ourselves on being a Centre of Excellence for repairs to ATEX Equipment, including any rotating equipment which is suitable for use in a Hazardous Environment.

We're keen to provide our customers with exactly the right information in order for them to meet their legal obligations. We also know that the consequences of not fully complying with EX regulations can be deadly.


A typical repair of an Exd motor or pump from Central Group will be delivered with an eight page Repair Report and Test Certificate containing information which is critical to your records, including:

Full Machine Details (including the standard to which the machine was manufactured)

A Joint Face Condition Report

Details of the Free Volume of the Stator Chamber

Full details of the Maximum Permissible Gaps

Thread Condition Report

Radial Air-Gap Calculation

Full details of Work Completed to the asset

Full Final Test Results

We recommend that this report is stored for the lifetime of the asset in line with your obligations. We also recommend that a copy is provided to any future repairers. If you choose to come back to Central for your repair, we will already have this information on record.

In addition to the above, your repairer should provide a 'Repair Nameplate' which details the following:

  • Repairers Triangle (R inside an upside down triangle)
  • Company Identification
  • The Repair Reference Number
  • The Date of Certification
  • The Standard of Repair
Sample Repair Nameplate

Sample Repair Nameplate

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All work to ATEX equipment is carried out in line with the AEMT Recommendations

If you would like any more information, or to discuss how your ATEX repairs are currently managed, please complete the form on this page and one of our EX trained staff will call you back.