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Case Studies

Repairs to high voltage unit from Scottish based aluminium manufacturing plant

Anna Ellam

The motor after refurbishment

The motor after refurbishment

When a compressor motor at an aluminium manufacturing plant in Scotland failed, Central Group were called upon to investigate.

Upon arrival at Central’s workshop it was discovered that the motor was of a type that is no longer manufactured; physically huge in size and working at a high voltage of 3,300 volts, making it quite a rare unit.

Although this type of motor winding is no longer manufactured it was agreed that repair would still be more cost effective than replacing with a modern-day equivalent and a team of expert engineers were required for the job.

Having worked with the client on previous jobs, Central’s workshop team were given the task of upgrading the motor.  Specialist copper wire was purchased from America and high voltage insulation used to give the unit a longer working life. 

The work required to rewind the motor was hugely labour intensive and took the workshop team a period of 11 weeks to complete.

The motor was returned to Scotland and refitted in the factory where it now continues to provide all machinery with compressed air. 



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