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Case Studies

Energy Savings Help Nutricia Meet Wider Environmental Targets

Anna Ellam


Nutricia is part of the global Danone Group and works in the field of advanced medical and early life nutrition.  Their Liverpool based site is variable in terms of its energy use and requires specific environmental control for its high-tech research facilities.

As part of Danone’s zero net carbon targets, Nutricia was looking for ways to lower its overall annual electricity use and reduce it’s carbon footprint, and having worked with Central Group on several previous projects it was keen to discover more about Central’s green technology proposal. 

As a company with state-of-the-art clinical facilities, providing research through to manufacture and delivery it was essential that any technologies implemented could be integrated without negatively impacting on business operations.

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The Solution

The team from Central carried out an extensive site appraisal, power load analysis and voltage evaluation, which identified a maximum site voltage use of 243V.  A proposal to install a Powerstar Voltage Optimisation System was put forward, which would reduce the average power use to 225V, thereby significantly reducing the amount of energy consumed on site.

The Powerstar Voltage Optimisation System reduces the amount of volts coming into the site, sending the remaining energy back into the system.  By precisely managing the unique characteristics and incoming voltage needs of Nutricia , the new system optimises the amount of electricity used ensuring the operations continue to the same standards.

Central provided a full turnkey solution working with the team from Powerstar who were flexible and proactive during the implementation process, ensuring minimum disruption to Nutricia’s day to day operations. 


Following the installation of Powerstar’s VO System,  Nutricia is set to benefit from guaranteed energy savings of 5.9%.

Along with significant reductions in energy consumption and increase in efficiencies Nutricia will also benefit from reductions in carbon emissions of 110.97 tonnes per year and significant financial savings of almost £25,630 per year.

  • Actual Annual Consumption Savings      8%
  • Annual kWh Saving                                  290,918kWh
  • Annual Tonnes of CO2 Saved                  110.97
  • Annual Financial Savings                         £25,630