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Case Studies

Urgent repairs to Siemens Compressor Involve all areas of Central Workshop

Anna Ellam

On 9th August 2016 Central’s Workshop took delivery of a 400kw Siemens compressor from Airbags International based in Congleton, Cheshire.  During inspection it was discovered that the machine had suffered catastrophic    failure both mechanically and electrically.

Due to the nature of the failure and the integral part the compressor motor played in the manufacturing process , it was important that the repair was carried out as quickly as possible to ensure minimal distribution and down time at Airbags International.  As soon as the unit arrived in the workshop Central immediately started the long and labour intensive repair process.

The repair touched most workshop departments from machining, rewind, fitting, apprentice involvement and labourers, all of whom had a vital part to play in the delivery of this repair.

The equipment was delivered back to site within the agreed repair date and was back in service by the end of the month.

  • Our team of specialists can /identify problems quickly and provide quick, operational solutions
  • Fully equipped workshop and high-tech workshop facilities
  • Trained experts who can handle all elements of a complex project
  • We fit our work around our client’s needs to ensure minimal disruption