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Case Studies

Site Work for the Bibby Tethra Survey Ship

Anna Ellam

Central’s Site Services division received an email from its Drives department, who had been asked to investigate a problem with a motor and drive on the Bibby Tethra Survey Ship. The Drives department suspected there was a problem with a 45kw motor and asked for it to be removed.

Two of Central’s engineers attended site and discovered the motor was below deck in the forward section of the ship and to access the motor the floor panels and sub-structure had to be removed.  This work involved drilling the heads off the securing bolts to remove the floor panels and the motor was then unbolted from the pump flange and the mains cables disconnected from the terminal box. 

Utilising a portable lifting frame and chain block, the motor was lifted up to deck level. A mobile crane was sited on the dock side and the motor transferred to the crane lifting hook to be lifted from the ship and loaded onto the wagon.

After detailed investigation it was discovered that the motor required a full rewind.  The work was carried out and the motor was returned to site, two days later, and refitted.

During the refit of the motor, Central’s engineers were audited by Achilies, who gave the site department a 100% score.

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