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Case Studies

On-site testing and repair helps to prevent further breakdown and ensures work can resume without delay

Anna Ellam

Friday the 13th couldn’t have started worse!

At 7.56 AM on Friday the 13th March, Central Group received a phone call from the electrical engineer at Hanson Cement in Padeswood, Mold. The engineer informed us that the 1500kw drive had failed and there was an electrical burning smell coming from the panel. By 9.05am a representative from Central had arrived on site and went straight to the filter fan mcc room where there were several unhappy looking engineers - the whole site had stopped production due to the drive failure.

As soon as the drive had been opened, the smell was very strong so an immediate test was started, testing the voltages and discovering that the DC voltage that controlled the cards was missing. After going through the drawings, the fault was pinpointed to the relay card and after dismantling the drive, it was discovered that the card had failed and the diodes on the card had melted. 

Central’s representative had a spare card in the van which he installed immediately and tested the drive after powering up. Within 110 minutes of receiving the call Central had the site back up and running.

  • We bring our expertise to site where we can carry out state-of-the-art testing
  • Trained experts can provide quick, operational solutions and can handle all elements of an urgent project
  • We have strong relationships with our suppliers and carry relevant stock and spares to ensure a seamless solution for our clients