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Case Studies

Proactive approach to maintenance ensures continued operations & optimised performance

Anna Ellam

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Central Group understands how important it is to take a proactive approach to maintenance, to prevent failure from occurring and ensure the continued, long life of vital pieces of equipment.  Such was the case with work on a large extractor fan which was overhauled by Central’s workshop division.

The fan formed part of the extractor system at an aluminium recycling plant in Warrington, Cheshire; a vital piece of equipment required to remove fumes from the factory to maintain a fully operational working environment.  Having worked with the client on previous projects, Central was approached to complete a comprehensive refurbishment of the fan to ensure its continued long life and effective operation.

A team from Central visited the site, removed the fan and installed a spare unit for the duration of the works.  The fan was taken to Central’s workshop where it was given new bearings, dynamically balanced and remedial repairs to the casing were carried out.  Once completed the fan was returned to site and reinstalled. 

The maintenance project not only optimised the performance and prolonged the life of the fan, but also ensured that work can continue at the plant without concern of breakdown.

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  • Our team of specialists can identify problems quickly and provide quick, operational solutions
  • Fully equipped workshop and high-tech workshop facilities
  • We fit our work around our client’s needs to ensure minimal disruption