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We have a large stock of ABB Industrial Drives from 5.5kw to 200.0kw. 

Soon you'll be able to buy online, but in the mean time call our sales office today for best price and availability.

The ABB Industrial Drive is a build to order, custom configurable drive encompassing a wide power range with a choice of rectifiers and build formats, the most comprehensive industrial drive on the market. The ACS880 contains a new harmonised parameter set, taking its features from all of the best functions within the existing ABB drive’s family. The drive is programmed by ABB’s most intuitive and user-friendly keypad yet. A new PC tool incorporates all of the latest functionality including a free-of-charge entry level version and a professional level version. The drive also contains the latest 4th generation DTC motor control core, making the drive all-compatible with any motor available on the market including asynchronous (induction), permanent magnet and synchronous reluctance (SynRM) motors.


What are the highlights? 

  • Can be built-to-order and customisable
  • Wide power range and choice of rectifiers, modules, cabinets or multidrives
  • Marine certified
  • Built-in safety functionality to IEC 62061 and ISO 13849-1
  • Removable memory unit providing zero re-commissioning
  • Adaptive programming as standard, full IEC61131 (CODESYS) as an option
  • Common user and process interface with fieldbus
  • Common software tools for sizing and commissioning
  • Innovative hardware variants including modular and cabinet installation kits
  • Energy efficiency counters and energy optimiser
  • Load analyser for optimised dimensioning of the drive, motor and process

acs880 range.jpg

Where can it be used?

The ABB industrial drive is targeted at demanding industrial applications offering constant torque and torque at zero speed. Suitable applications include cranes, winders, hoists, extruders, heavy conveyors and crushers. Applications with high breakaway torque, like rubber mixers and high precision applications like paper machines and engine dynamometers are easily handled by the drive. The ACS880 is a system drive that is fully scaleable and can be tailored to any application, allowing architecture to be either centralised (traditional PLC approach) or de-centralised, by operating the safety and the application programmes inside the drive, which saves installation and cabling costs.

Why buy from Central?

In addition to our extensive stock and quick response times, our friendly team will be on hand to offer support and advice during your purchase.

We can offer lifetime support for your purchase whether it be a service plan or reactive repair. See our drive service page for more details.

Need help with the another aspect of your drive train? We've got it covered. Contact us for more information.

Need assistance unloading and positioning? We've got this covered. See our capabilities page for details.